2019 Holiday Calendar

2019 HOLIDAY CALENDARHappy New Year to everyone! We hope that everyone had a great end to 2018 and that your 2019 is full of promise and expectation. We wish everyone all the best! 

As many of you know, much of NexPCB's supply chain is reliant on China and many of our staff are also located in China. There are certain times of the year in China and around Asia where there are work and supply constraints due to holidays. This is vitally important to the lead times for orders placed in and around these times. Below is our current 2019 holiday schedule that we will be observing this year :

2019 Holiday Schedule

How Do I read this? 

There are three types of time periods that are represented here : 

  1. Normal working time (in white)
  2. Holiday times where much of our staff is out (in green)
  3. Extended holiday times where there are constraints for logistics and supply chain (in yellow)

Below is a more concise view for people needing screen readers:

Month Holiday Times Extended Holiday Times (supply tight)
January  1st  28th-31st
February  2nd-11th 1st and 12th-19th
March Normal Operations
April  5th-7th and 29th-30th None
May  1st None
June  7th-9th None
July Normal Operations  
August Normal Operations  
September  13th-15th None
October  1st-7th None
November Normal Operations  
December Normal Operations  

Please take note of these dates and plan deliveries accordingly. We look forward to serving you in 2019! 

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