How to add a new product version

1. Add Version Flag

After login the WO system. Click List Product at the left-side-menu.

Select the specific Product, which your want to add a new version on.

product version

In the Product Version Block, you could input necessary information, then click "Add the version flag"

product version

2. Add File

After a new version flag was created, in the same page, you could add files in the “Product Attachments” block now as following:

Choose File Type;
Choose New Version;
File Name;
Add files from your local computer, please achieved them as zip if possible;

success story

Please wait until coming “upload success!...” message, then Click "Add File".

After finishing adding file, you could see the recent uploaded files are listed in “Product Attachments”.

product attachments

Continual to add more files if necessary.

Please download PDF format of this page

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