What Can a Reliable Turn key Service Do for You

A reliable PCB Assembly Turn key services are not PCB Assembly Only, but also help customer do Productize work and Supply Chain Management. They own four main phases at least: DFM, Prototype, Pilot, Production


DFM - Design for Manufacture


Prototype - Get the sample boards(5~10pcs normally) ASAP, to test the function and verify the design


Pilot - Verify if there are any critical Design or Supply Chain Issues will affect the volume production too much, and will optimize the problem if any


Production - Quality control, Cost optimize, Supply Chain Optimize, Stock management, Financial Optimize, etc

Most of the PCB boards do not sell directly to the customers, but may be assembled into kinds of Shell Mold.

It is important that the PCBA Turn key partner have some knowledge in Shell Mold area and can send the feedback to customers, which will help the whole project move much faster than ever, and also a part of DFM.

Building up a reliable and suitable supply chain is one of the most important tasks for the hardware companies. It is not a simple task, which will cause a lot of questions like:

      How to control the quality of the components?
      How to control the lead-time and balance the cost as well?
      How to manage the demand and the stock, the product stock and the components stock?
      How to optimize the BOM but do not lose the quality of the product?

Different key focuses the team need to take notice when the product and the business in the different time phases. As an example, the Prototype phase will focus on speed and quality, and it’ll be a good choice to buy most of key components from Digikey, and use the common stock components to finish the production ASAP. The time to market is more important than the cost during this period.

But the Pilot phase will focus on speed and BOM optimization then, for verify the volume production cost optimization and BOM cost down. The purchase guy can have the pre-discussion with the suppliers to get better offer when the volume production is coming up.

Volume Production phase will focus on the demand management, stock management, long or short lead time VS low or high price VS production schedule, and looking for producing the boards with high quality, all in scheduled, and cost optimized if possible.

It is important to find the right partner or select the specified brand to control the quality.
The costs of the components are varied depend on the different conditions include the brand, MOQ, L/T, date code, etc, and the information is also helpful to verify all in details before purchase them or even assembly them on the PCB board.



Also, it is a valuable point that the most effective cost can select the best supplier and brand, because they will be responsible to tell you the truth when any problems affect the project schedule.


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