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PCB Layout Design Service - Low Complexity ( 2 Layers )

Category: Layout

Type: Layout

Vendor: NexPCB


Layers Pins Delivery Capabilities
Up To 2 Layers 300 Pins  7 Working Days Learn More >>


NexPCB supply a professional design service to the electronics industry. We are able to draw on years of experience at the forefront of PCB design using the most powerful CAD tools. 

Project Information And Requirements:
Please provide the following details to get final quote and start working:

  1. Schematic (PDF,JPEG,GIF or PNG)
  2. Netlist (Allegro, PADS, Altium, Eagle and other popular PCB Design softwares)
  3. Number of layers (fixed or preferred)
  4. Size of PCB; Board outline (DXF or picture); Mounting hole diameters and positions; Component positions; 
  5. Trace width; Clearance; Via size; Ring size
  6. Datasheet or footprint information for each component is also ideal.
  7. Your other requirements. 


  1. Documents with all relevant details and manufacturing guidelines 
  2. Schematic - pdf format 
  3. PCB Netlist - text format 
  4. Assembly Drawing - .pdf OR gerber format 
  5. PDF copies of all board layer images 
  6. Gerber Data for all electrical and non-electrical layers in 274X, 2,3 English format 
    OR customer specified format 

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