NexMAKER is all about accelerating your idea into a great business. We've been working with Makers and hardware designers since 2005 and we've learned what it takes to be successful in this industry. 
We Acclerate Your Design from Idea to Great Business

NexMAKER offers solutions for transitions through the major phases of product design, production, and management : 

  1. Design to Prototype
  2. Prototype to Pilot
  3. Pilot to Pilot Production
  4. Pilot Production to Production
  5. Production to Mass Production
  6. Supply Chain Management
  7. Returns and Repairs
  • QA Design to Prototype
    List ways that we support the transition to prototype
  • QA Prototype to Pilot
    How do we support ramp to pilot stage
  • QA Pilot to Pilot Production
    More to come
  • QA Pilot Production to Production
    Moving to the big leagues
  • QA Production to Mass Production
    Getting serious!! Making some money! 
  • QA Supply Chain Management
    Getting the goods to where they do the most good. 
  • QA Returns and Repairs
    People break stuff. We can help.