Professional PCB Fabrication - 10 PCS, 9 Days, 2 Layers, 4mil, 160 sq. cm - FreeShipping

Category: Professional

Type: PCB

Vendor: NexPCB

It is very important produce the PCBA board via SMT line by professional manufacturers. The entire produce cycle will help you verify your design not only functionality, but also the production.

NexPCB offers ROHS, UL, IPC-A-600F, ISO9001 professional PCB packages since 2005, which is high quality, fast delivery, and low cost.

  • Conditions
    Quantity 10 Pieces Lead Time working days  >>> Expedited Service
    Number of layers 2 Layers Max board dimensions 6300 X 3900 mils / 160 X 100 mm
    Material FR-4, Tg130 Finished Thickness 63 mil / 1.6 mm
    Min Trace/Space 4 mil / 0.1 mm Min. Drill Size 8 mil / 0.2 mm
    Copper Weight 1.0 OZ Surface Finish Immersion Tin or Gold

Free Shipment Via DHL Or UPS

ROHS, UL, IPC - A - 600F, ISO9001

100% Money Back Guarantee 

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