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3.5 weeks* fast prototype from schematic to shipment

In the world today, time-to-market is one of the main differentiators in being first-to-market or playing catch-up. 


At NexPCB, we understand that getting from design to something you can show your backers is a lot of work and can take a lot of time. A normal development cycle that goes from schematic to layout to prototype can take months with many false starts in between. That's why we've put together all of our most popular services into one package that makes quick iteration quick-and-easy.


How quick?  Less than a month from design to fully assembled electronic product. Interested? Keep reading or 



Step 1 - Confirm your design and BOM

Once we've received your design files, our engineers will evaluate the design within 2 business days and will let you know if your project is able to be turned around in our fastest window. Most can, but we'll let you know and give you an online link to pay and start the process. 

Once we start, we will immediately start the purchasing of your BOM so that all of the pieces will be in place and ready-to-go when the time is right. 


Step 2 - Create the layout and start fabrication

While the BOM components are being sourced, our team of layout engineers will head to work on your PCB design. This part of the process is key in making sure that the fabrication of your boards goes smoothly and that the board fits into the exact space you need. We will consult with you throughout the process to make sure that we are always in-sync from start to finish. 

Once the design is done, we will start fabrication. Our boards are all made to the highest quality standards in ISO-9001 plants using lead free (RoHS) processes. The results are always impressive. 


Step 3 - Pulling it call together!

Like a masterfully choreographed musical, all of the parts converge into a wonderful crescendo just in time for final assembly. Using the newly fabricated PCB's and recently received components, the process moves to the SMT stage where PCBA is completed. We've already done all of the hard work of getting the layout, pick-and-place, and assembly instructions done. so all there is left to do is let the high-precision SMT machines do their magic. 

Stopwatch Over a Carton Boxes. Express Delivery Concept.

Step 4 - Quality Control and Shipping

Once the PCBA is done, our team will do final quality checks and, if required, functional testing. Once all that is done, your creations are carefully boxed up and released into the capable hands of DHL or FedEx to be whisked directly to your door! 


That's quite the whirlwind for less than a month! Ready to give it a spin? Hit up the "I'm Ready" button below and let us bring your design to life. 

* 3.5 weeks is based on our engineers assessment of manufacturability. Additional terms may apply.