Embedded Artists

“We have a very professional and trustworthy partner in NexPCB.
Their excellent work is part of our success. We highly recommend NexPCB.”

- Anders Rosvall

Wi-Fi/BT M.2 Modules


Our most recent collaboration with EA was the M.2 modules to showcase the Murata communication chips. These boards are designed for evaluation, integration and ease-of-use. We have produced and delivered the M.2 modules for Embedded Artists with in 3.5 weeks rapid prototype round. From layout to full turnkey production of 4 kinds of M.2 modules, our fast and trusted high quality prototype work has shortened the time to market of M.2 modules. We have more and more boards like this produced for Embedded Artists and EA’s cooperators.


On the 25th January 2011, NXP did send us a reward after trying this project and attested that it is indeed very efficient and convenient. Since then we have shipped over 20,000 units of these products to our clients from all across the globe.

Other Successes