About Nexpcb

To be the number 1 most trusted partner in bringing technology Innovation to life.

• NexPCB Vision •


We accelerate IoT innovations into great, global businesses.

  • Accelerate

    We help our clients grow faster by relying on our professional teams, methodology and abundant industrial resources.

  • Great Businesses

    A great business is one that works for the benefit of customers and employees. It's a profitable enterprise that is sustainable on its own merits.

  • Global

    The products are applicable all over the world.

Engineering culture

Engineers figure things out. At our core, our culture is one of problem solvers. We believe that being open, dependable and professional in applying our expertise to big problems can impact the world.


Meet the team that enables IoT innovation.

Summer Yao
Thunder Zhang
Aaron Lee
Chris Howes
Chief Strategy Officer
  • Open

    NexPCB embraces all varieties of cultures, people, and technologies;NexPCB grows with an innovative attitude while being practical and realistic;NexPCB accepts imperfection in knowledge and operations to move forward toward our common goals.

  • Trust

    Personal responsibility in reliability, truth, honesty, and a commitment to what we do and how we do it.

  • Professional

    We possess a drive to chase insights in industry awareness and the systematic capability of handling any issue that arises to make sure we deliver the best.

  • Growth

    A persistent, dedicated process with a long-term vision that starts with curiosity and leads to innovation.

hardware manufacturing service

If you can design it, we can build it

Our fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management capabilities make us a one-stop-shop for all of your manufacturing needs. Founded in 2005, NexPCB provides electronics assembly services, hardware, contract manufacturing, and turnkey manufacturing services.


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