About Us

The People Behind the Product

Thunder Zhang

Chairman & Co-Founder

After returning from Sweden in 2005, Thunder formed Ladder Science. For more than 10 years, he’s been serving the community under various businesses in the electronics industry. He founded NexPCB in Boston in 2014, with a goal to provide engineering, product and supply chain management services for innovative enterprises and teams in the global IoT industry. He has spread the company’s message in more than 30+ countries.

Summer Yao


Summer Yao is an experienced professional and leader with almost 20 years of experience before becoming President of NexPCB. Summer has held senior leadership positions in the banking and finance sector while also leading teams that specialized in cross-border e-commerce for small businesses. His technical background includes computing systems, databases, operating systems, networking and software development.

Charlie Chen


With 18 years of hands-on experience in the field of industrial and structural design, along with a focus on product aesthetics, he has led the industrialization process of a large number of design projects. He is also a serial transformer of design concepts into repeatable and precise batch production successes. With an in-depth process knowledge, he is able to handle engineering and design problems as they arise.

Chris Howes


A proven technology leader with more than 20.years of experience in the IT industry and leading international technical teams, combining technical excellence, operational accuracy and focus on meaning-driven results. He has a rich experience in IBM in the US and Asia Pacific. His major areas of expertise are cross cultural team leadership, customer interest and demand management and leadership development


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If you can design it, we can build it

Our fabrication, assembly, and supply chain management capabilities make us a one-stop-shop for all of your manufacturing needs. Founded in 2014, NexPCB provides electronics assembly services, hardware, contract manufacturing, and turnkey manufacturing services.




NexPCB embraces all varieties of cultures, people, and technologies; NexPCB grows with an innovative attitude while being practical and realistic;NexPCB accepts imperfection in knowledge and operations to move forward toward our common goals.


Personal responsibility in reliability, truth, honesty, and a commitment to what we do and how we do it.


We possess a drive to chase insights in industry awareness and the systematic capability of handling any issue that arises to make sure we deliver the best.


A persistent, dedicated process with a long-term vision that starts with curiosity and leads to innovation.

Our Culture

At our core, our culture is one of problem solving and automation. We don't stop iterating until we find an optimal solution. Across the lifecycle of a product, we find ways to make reach manufacturing goals faster, more affordable, and without sacrificing on quality.
We are OPEN to hearing new ideas and like to share our mind with people we service.
We commit to your projects as much as you do, and work to create a TRUST relationship. We deliver what we promise.
Having helped launch dozens of flagship IoT products, we have the PROFESSIONAL knowledge to set your business in the right conditions for GROWTH. We probably did that for someone in your industry!


Our History

Before we were the start-to-finish hardware facilitator that we are today, we were an electronics contract manufacturer for NXP and their partners. While these large businesses have always had the access to manufacturing new products, we soon realized that the emerging maker movement had very little means to get things done in Asia. With this realization, our co-founder launched NexPCB in 2013 in Boston. It's been a great journey for us and the companies we work with so far!

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