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We are expanding our family to Europe and the US. By joining us, you'll get more exposure and experience by doing business development practices to enhance our brand awareness in the most innovative cities around the world. 

NexPCB aims to provide personalized services for local innovation teams and start-ups and establish partnership relations through industrial chains and innovative ecosystems. 

Overseas Business Development Manager


We’re looking for a talented individual to lead a team to search for new collaboration opportunities for IoT innovation startups, build connections, and foster meaningful client relationships. You’ll work closely with customers to understand their pains, needs, and requirements. You’ll also collaborate with our back-end teams to assist clients with their product development needs.

Job Description

Overseas Business Development Specialist

(Full-time & Part-time)

We’re looking for a talented individual who will be responsible for developing new business and partnership opportunities, by investigating market trends and development. You will be in charge of building, growing, and maintaining customer relationships through various projects.

Job Description

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