Mechanical Parts

Learn the mechanical engineering covering processess, materials, surface treatments from rapid prototype to mass production.

Quick Prototypes

3D Printing

3D printing technologies like FDM, SLA, SLS and SLM offer precision and versatility for rapid prototyping, medical customization, and aerospace manufacturing.


Lathing, Turning, Milling, Grinding. Both for prototypes and at scale

Silicone Molding

Create a flexible and highly detailed mold that can be used to replicate the prototype

Mass Production

Plastic Injection Molding

Various plastic products such as components, containers, toys, and more.

Double-shot Injection Molding

Multiple colors, logos, and products with multi-material structures.

Magnesium Alloy Die-casting

Lightweight, high-strength components, such as automotive parts and electronic device casings..

Sheet Metal

Shape and form metal sheets into various components and structures, involves cutting, bending and assembling.



Such as, PA, PU, PCL materials, as well as Sprint Steel Bending, MIM+CNC processes.