Tame Growth with NexPCB's Volume Production Service

With dedicated project management teams, world-class manufacturing and component suppliers, stringent QC practices, endless assembly and logistics capabilities, NexPCB is your key to systematic, successful growth. 

Join the ever-growing list of successful hardware businesses that secured growth with NexPCB.

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Manufacturing Optimization

Eliminate production bottlenecks, causes of defect and inefficient assembly

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Comprehensive QC Methodology

Quality can make or break a company's reputation early on. Make sure you're giving them something they will love with NexPCB's diligent QC approach.

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Lifecycle Management

Optimize Your Production Based on Your Proi

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Resource Management

Economies of Scale

Getting a product to the Volume Product stage should allow you the privilege of having access to parts and manufacturers with higher MOQs and lower prices. We make sure you are manufacturing the way you worked so hard for.

Supply Chain Discovery

Have you ever been told that there's simply no way to decrease COGS while keeping your manufacturing yield above limit?
We will never tell you that. We periodically check for different streams of sourcing in order to identify cost reduction strategies. Our Incoming QC processes help us make sure you don't end up going farther simply to fare worse.

Product Updates

NexPCB can sustain both immediate and gradual strategies for your future product updates.

NexPCB is a company that not only does an excellent design and manufacturing job, but also cares about their customer's projects. The communication is clear and their staff is always searching to give the best quality considering agreed timings. I was fully satisfied with our cooperation.

Iván D. Castro, Pulsatrix

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Quality Control

Consistent Quality

New electronics devices are known to be ridden with quality issues. We make sure that the Quality Control processes that we design for each project are internalized by everyone involved in production, from incoming parts suppliers to the assembly line personnel. Any quality issues that still dare to arise are handled at quantum speed, documented and avoided in future batches.


Batch Size Optimization

We optimize batch sizes for the right combination of on-time delivery, BOM procurement, factory schedules and holiday seasons. You will forget what Out of Stock means!

Lifecycle Management

We believe that our customers', and eventually your customers' hardware experiences last as long as they have the intention of using your product. Serve your old customers better with our reverse supply chain and end-of-life management. Recall, refurbish, repair and return products with our lifecycle management strategies that think steps ahead!

  • Safety Stock
  • Repairs
  • Refurbishing
  • Global warehousing