Electronics Capabilities

One-stop service turning design into reality.
Services include Component sourcing, PCB layout, DFM, PCB fabrication, PCB assembly, Testing and Diagnosing.

PCB Layout

Capable of creating up to 56 layers layout PCB, with tailored solutions for rapid, quality-driven deliveries.

PCB Fabrication

Capable of creating up to 68 layers PCB. A standard minimum trace/space size at 3 mil. Advanced / HDI PCB also supported.

PCB Assembly

Precise connections for components like BGAs (pitch > 0.25mm). Tested with X-Ray checks.

Testing & Diagnosing

Collaborates and executes tests, RCA and documents results meticulously for the life of the product.

PCB Layout

Transforming schematic designs into reality with reliable lead time and rich engineering experience. 
Cutting-edge layout Service with a capability of intricate designs with up to 56-layers, with impedance control, signal integrity (SI), Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Ensuring timely and high-quality product deliveries.
Standard Advanced
Layer Count 24 68
Max. Dimensions 584mm x 508mm (±0.13mm) 550mm x 900mm (±0.1mm)
Board Thickness 0.2 ~ 3.2mm (±10%) 0.1 - 10mm (±8%)
Copper weight (outer) 1 - 5 oz 1 - 18 oz
Copper Weight (inner) 0.5 ~ 3 oz 1/3 - 12 oz
Min Drill hole size 8 mil 6 mil
Min. Annular Ring 4 mil 3 mil
Min. Trace/Space inner layer 3 mil, outer layer 4 mil inner layer 2.5 mil, outer layer 3 mil
Min. Via 8 mil 6 mil
Min. BGA 10 mil 8 mil
Hole to hole clearance 14 mil 12 mil

Design for Manufacturing

Seamless transition from design to production with reducing design iterations, costs and time-to-market.

Eligible experts working with industry tools, comply with the manufacturing constraints to review prior production to eliminate defects as earlier as possible.

Share your designs in various formats, including ODB++, IPC2581, Gerber274x.

PCB Fabrication

Covering a wide range of industrial PCB capabilities from standard to advanced complexity with reliable lead time and high-quality delivery with any volume.
Provide PCB up to 68 layers, with standard Min Traces/Space at 3 mil and advanced at 2.5 mil. Microvia-based any layer HDI PCB is also capable.

PCB Assembly

Wide range of PCB assembly capabilities with realiable lead time and high-quality delivery with any volume to keep your time promissing.

Supports Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) and In-Circuit Test/Functional Test (ICT/FCT) for quality assurance. Covers soldering methods including reflow and wave soldering, precise connections for components such as BGAs pitch greater than 0.25mm. The smallest supported component size goes down to 01005 (0.2mm x 0.4mm).

Compliant with ISO 13485, IATF 16949 and ISO 9001. Acceptance criteria follows IPC standard demands.

Testing & Diagnosing

Conducting pre-shipment testing can significantly streamline the defect resolution process, ultimately saving valuable time.

Our engineering team collaborates closely with customers to fulfill testing requirements, ensuring the execution of thorough testing protocols and delivering comprehensive test results prior to shipment.

Defect-related test results are meticulously documented and undergo a thorough analysis to identify root causes, thereby informing and enhancing our subsequent processes.


Component Sourcing

Specialize in procuring compatible components at competitive prices and lead times.

Engage directly with original manufacturers like NXP, TI, Murata, ST, Intel and etc, getting access to earlier emerging technology, and support throughout the design and prototype stages.

Moreover, our adept engineers excel in identifying alternatives during technical review, component shortages or end-of-life scenarios.