Piloting Your Product Success

Pilot run is a rehearsal to the epic that your production is to become. Without it, your production will most likely suffer from low yields, long lead times and unanticipated costs.

Let us create the optimal sandbox conditions for your manufacturing, so that 100 pieces you get today will be identical to the 1000 units you order tomorrow at higher levels. Help eliminate production bottlenecks, identify and put forward strategies to remove causes of error before they occur.

Future-proof your manufacturing with NexPCB today.

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production planning

Production Planning

Unlike many other CMs, we don't rush things into volume before nailing your manufacturing. We prefer stable, not rushed.

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Hands Off

Focus on getting your business off the ground while we handle the organization of your manufacturing processes and the assembly procedures, backed with the experience of 15 years building IoT products at a scale.

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Increased Manufacturability

With a DFM-driven approach to Pilot Runs, and a dedicated team to support manufacturing drills, your designs will be more manufacturable than ever.

Project Validation


We make sure you don't waste your money on rushed molding and tooling that you would soon need to replace. We first look at ways to grade the manufacturability of a part and see how it can be improved with our proven DFX methodology. Steady, not rushed is the key.

Design Validation Testing also allows us to make sure the functional and aesthetic goals of your product are met. We achieve this by using a combination of cost-effective silicon molds and 3D printed or CNC parts.

For electronics, we test for board/housing fit, thermal characteristics and electrical hazards. We make sure that assembly at higher volumes will be swift, and not prone to error. We manufacture around 40-200 turnkey units at this stage.


We test each project for Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA), to see what can cause product failure, the severity of these problems and how frequently these issues may arise. Doing this early on allows us to tame the beast of Volume Production in the later stages.

Manufacturing Alternatives

We don't only offer the single most actionable manufacturing strategy out there, we offer a few. Depending on your timelines, budget and manufacturing quantities, NexPCB can suggest alternative solutions for your layout, CAD designs. 

We also offer a wide variety of manufacturing methods and a selection of materials with stringent tolerance control.

"NexPCB is an experienced but agile manufacturing partner. We've been working with them for over 2 years and have only had good experiences working with them. From PCB prototyping to production, to fuller product assembly and supply chain management, they're a fantastic one-stop shop!"

Louis Thiery

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Still unsure which of our NPI Acceleration packages will be most suitable for your project? Get in touch with us for a quick assessment!

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Production Planning

Pilot Tooling

Iterate Volume Production ready designs with affordable tools and molds. Reflect changing design decisions on your production without breaking things. Learn more about our Tooling and Molding Capabilities.

PCB Manufacturing

Unsourcable parts or components that shouldn't belong to a final product can ruin a whole batch. So does hastily decided PCB materials and stack-up options. That's why we assess your electronic designs against a plethora of factors, and manufacture according to your final user's needs. Learn more about our electronics manufacturing capabilities.

Product Integrity

At the crossroads of electronic and mechanical parts of your product lies the integrity of your product. With pinpoint tolerance control, and skillful DFA practices, you get parts that fit and perform well together. It's a match made in heaven!