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We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to manufacturing great hardware products. Why don't you get in touch with us and see what we can do for your business?

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Rapid Prototyping


Get your product ideas, in your hands

Not in a year, not in 6 months. Your manufacturing journey starts now.

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Electronics Manufacturing


PCB Fabrication

Up to 68 layers, with controlled impedance. Blind and buried vias accepted. Specialty boards like Rigid-flex boards, HDI are also available.

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PCB Assembly

Single/Double sided SMT and automated through-hole assembly. Made possible by state-of-the-art machinery and careful handling against ESD damage.

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Layout Design Assistance

Unsure if your designs are manufacturing optimized? Let us optimize your layout for better manufacturability and lower costs through a proven Design-for-Manufacturing strategy.

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Our boards are all made to the highest quality standards in ISO-9001 plants using lead free (RoHS) processes. You can be assured of the quality of the results.

Mechanical Parts Manufacturing


3D Printing

Comes with a huge variety of printing technologies, colors and materials. Fit for looks-like-works-like prototypes and sometimes even your finished products.

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CNC Parts

5-axis machining, turning, milling and lathing. For getting parts manufactured at a low-volume and with micron-level accuracy.

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Injection Molding

Be it plastics or metals, we handle injection molding with sustainable, automotive-grade tools at the right time in your NPI stage.

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Turnkey Assembly


Parts Sourcing


In-house parts assembly


Programming & Debugging

Your software is always protected, under a US NDA.


Testing & QC




Ready to Ship!

See Turnkey Assembly

Packaging Solutions


Package Consulting

We offer design blueprints according to your requirements and give tailored suggestions on customized sizes, shapes, and available materials.

Package Design

We design a suitable package to match every detail you request including colors, materials, sizes, and shapes to make reasonable use of space with a beautiful appearance.

Labelling & Instructions

We design and print labels and instructions, using high-quality processes, accurate printing and according to international standards.

Project Management


Pre-Manufacturing Planning

Plan your manufacturing remotely, and effectively in an organized fashion with Gantt Charts, control book and accurate lead-time projections. It's all on Basecamp®!

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PMP® Certified Project Managers

Working with our PMs feel like you've got your team an on-demand management boost. Why not get in touch with one of them to see if you will make a good match?


Crystal Clear Transparency

Can't fly to Asia right now? See your manufacturing in action through live Zoom video footage from the factory lines. Discuss challenges in realtime before they occur.

Sourcing Strategy


Distributed Manufacturing

Manufacture PCBs in China, while getting your plastic parts from our factory in Malaysia.


Always available parts, optimized for cost and taxes. Same parts available from multiple suppliers for risk management.

Low-Volume-High-Mix Sourcing

Unlock volume production parts early on, so that your designs can stay consistent at higher volumes.


Global Shipping


Multimodal Logistics

B2B/B2C delivery by air, rail and marine transport.

Import/Export Assistance

Tariff Optimization, Battery and Component Certifications. Let our supply chain experts find the best possible route.


Defend against supply shocks with buffer stocking, in one of our warehouses near you.

Inventory and Financial Management


Cashflow Management

Let's find the best manufacturing strategy for your funding stage and campaign progress. Quickly pass through the Death Valley and become profitable in no time!


Production Plan

Do you sell more during Christmas? Or is your product popular in the July heat? Plan production quantities according to your demand cycle so that you always have stock ready for the next boom.


Product Lifecycle Management

Handle End-of-Life, returns, refurbishing. Launch subsequent product updates. Become a business that your customers can truly trust.

Quality Control


QC in every step of the way

Incoming Materials, In-Process inspections, final factory QC, Outgoing QC checks. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the quality of the products you receive.

See the Step-by-step Guide to QC


ISO-9001 Certified plants with strict RoHS compliance

All of our vendors go through strict due-diligence procedures to ensure maximum standards compliance.


Identify Acceptable Quality Limits

Figure out the right AQL rate for best yield, cost and time performance. AQL starts with our Design-for-Manufacturing support, and ends with final parts testing.

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