Mechanical Parts Manufacturing

Functional, aesthetic, rigid and cost-effective. These are some of the qualities that make manufacturing structural parts with NexPCB the best makeover your electronics product has ever received.


    3D Printing

    All major types of 3D Printing technologies and materials. Shipped in 3.5 weeks!



    Lathing, Turning, Milling, Grinding. Both for prototypes and at scale.


    Plastic Injection Molding

    With extensive DFM work and high production yields. Highly scalable and error-resistant.

    3D Printing

    NexPCB allows for pairing PCB prototypes with 3D printed casings, so that you can test new product designs in a single step.



    Allowing high-speed manufacturing with a smooth surface finish, SLA offers precision down to each micron. Our SLA manufactured parts are best suitable for visually pleasing, “looks-like” models that you can take to your investors and backers alike.



    Allows for simple mechanical structures that require low maintenance and low material costs. Most suitable for complex structures, with resulting mechanical properties that resemble cast parts.      



    Made with powdered metal materials, formed by laser melting, layer by layer. Suitable beyond prototyping for products with short life cycles and complicated structures. 



    Say goodbye to manufacturing in multiple parts and having weak joints. With SLS, you can manufacture nylon parts that are almost indistinguishable from injection molded ones.

    For Rapid Prototyping and Volume Production Alike

    Large Selection of Methods, including SLA, FDM, SLM and SLS

    Cost Effective

    Print metals or plastics, everything is possible!

    It's Scalable

    Our 3D Printing solutions can be used to manufacture looks-like/works-like rapid prototypes under 3.5 Weeks, as well as partial or complete solutions for your finished products.

    It's Cost Effective

    Our job is to get you out of the Hardware Death Valley, not sink you in it with unreasonable molding and tooling costs early on. Our 3D Printing solutions allow for affordable ways to test your product ideas, in conjunction with our rapid PCB prototypes.

    Your Designs, DFM Optimized

    Since our services come with a large selection of materials and printing technologies, it can get frustrating to adapt your designs for each one. Take advantage of NexPCB's Design-for-Manufacturing superpowers instead!

    Ready to Start Printing Your Hardware Success?

    Submit an RFQ and get your prototypes manufactured. It's only 3.5 weeks away!

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    Using our CNC Machining service allows you to produce parts from as few as short lifecycle prototypes to hundreds of pieces for pilot-runs and parts otherwise hard to manufacture using conventional molding. Our distributed manufacturing network ensures that your parts can be delivered with very short lead times and against disturbances with the supply chain.



    We handle turning with top-of-the-line horizontal/vertical CNC Lathes.

    cnc drill


    Automated drilling tools allow for working metals, glass, plastic and wood alike. Make holes and threads at thousands of RPMs.

    cnc milling


    Our 5-axis mills can reach ±0.01mm precision. Machine anything you can imagine from aerospace structures to gear shafts.

    cnc grinder


    Without the thermal damage and fatigue cracks thanks to great temperature control.

    Surface Finish Options

    Whether it is for aesthetics, or for specific application purposes, we can fine-tune your machined parts to perfection. 

    For metals we provide:

    • Anodizing (Black or Natural color),
    • Passivation,
    • Sand Blasting
    • Electroplating (Chrome plated, Galvanized, etc);

    For Plastics:

    • Paint Spraying(any color),
    • Silkscreen,
    • Laser etching,
    • Heat transfer printing, among others.

    Metals: Copper, Steel

    Non-metals: ABS, Nylon, PP

    Surface treatment with great aesthetic properties

    Can be used in conjunction with other manufacturing methods

    Plastic Injection Molding

    Larger volume production requirements will be significantly different from earlier stages. Injection molding allows us to manufacture plastics at larger volumes with the highest speed. We make sure your molds fulfill their lifetime production goals by firstly doing Mold Flow® Analysis on each design. That's how we achieve an 99.5% yield rate for 5~10K pieces batch volumes.


    Mold Optimization

    With extensive testing of the preferred mold design, we iterate with different draw angles, injection temperatures, locations of gates and parting lines in order to minimize warping and shrinkage, along with aesthetic defects. We go far and beyond with quality control so that what your customers get is the design you see on your screen.


    High Durability

    Bad molding and tooling can add infuriating challenges on the long list of procurement parts business professionals need to source. Our mold manufacturers are vetted carefully so that only the sturdiest molds are used in the process.

    Large Material Selection

    We consider many alternatives before selecting the right material for your production. Use cases of your product, the industry you're in and the weight requirements are some of the factors that play a major role in our selection. We also incorporate new materials suppliers in our sourcing network in order to manufacture the IoT innovations of the future. Please contact us for a full list of materials.


    Mold Steel Materials: 718 steel, 718H, P20, 2378H, Nak80, S136 etc.

    Injection Material Types: Nylon, ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, TPU, Glass Fiber reinforced ABS and PC

    Surface treatment with great aesthetic properties

    Can be used in conjunction with other manufacturing methods

    Overmolding, two-shot molding and other difficult processes done with ease!

    Free Resource:20 Most Common Quality Issues in Your Plastic Production

    Download our free ebook to solve your plastic issues!

    Ebook: 20 Most Common Quality Issues in Your Plastic Production

    In case you need more processes:


    Need casting parts for your products? Some of our vendors are suppliers for large automotive brands, and are very efficient for metal casting. Some of our customers use casting for electric bicycle parts and steel casing.



    Need packaging to wrap it all up? We can help you design and manufacture your packaging using a wide variety of plastics, carton and recycled materials not only to keep your invention safe during transportation, but to turn it into something your customers will get excited about the moment they receive it!


    What's going in those cases?

    No more trying your luck with mix & match solutions between PCB manufacturers and plastics factories. Manufacture electronics with our end-to-end Electronics Manufacturing services.



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