Design to Prototype in 3.5 Weeks!

    Turn product designs into actionable prototypes that look and function just like your end-product.

    At NexPCB, we understand that getting from design to something you can show your backers is a lot of work and can take a lot of time. A normal development cycle that goes from schematic to layout to prototype can take months with many false starts in between. That's why we've put together all of our most popular services into one package that makes quick iteration quick-and-easy.

    How quick? In less than a month from design to fully assembled electronic products.

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    3D Printing

    3D Print Prototypes with a huge selection of printing methods and materials.

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    PCB Prototype

    Test your designs, speed up development, turn schematics into layouts.

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    Turnkey Prototype

    Boost your Kickstarter campaigns and raise funds with a looks-like/works-like turnkey prototypes

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    Design Preperation


    Experienced engineers

    While this may be the first time you're iterating a prototype, our team of highly skilled engineers have done it thousands of times. Each of our engineers give you at least 10,000 hours of experience designing, iterating and manufacturing awesome IoT and consumer products

    Single partner throughout the whole NPI Process

    Technology changes fast, and with the long timelines associated with hardware manufacturing, you need a partner who can bring your solutions into reality fast. Our all encompassing Design-to-Prototype Acceleration service encompasses everything from DFM Analysis to 3D Printing and PCB Assembly. 

    Your Dream BOM, with no compromises!

    Why restrict your prototype to breadboard-level components when you can take full advantage of NexPCB's wide supply chain reach? Whether you're building a climate monitoring device, or a groundbreaking VR headset, thanks to our expandable sourcing team, and partners across the world, we are able to source parts for your prototype that might as well exist in your finished product down the road.

    Well Defined Prototyping Goals

    Most prototypes suffer from an excess of features. Although it may seem productive to add every product goal your team has defined, costs associated with manufacturing a Swiss Army Knife-like solution may cripple a hardware startup easily. Our team can help you budget each feature and co-strategize a roll-out strategy, so that you know how much you need to raise before diving deeper into the Death Valley. 

    before-pcb-layout after-pcba


    3D Printing

    3D Printing is the work horse of the Rapid Prototyping process. With new 3D Printing technologies and filament materials popping up every year, it can get difficult to choose which one you should use. Repurposing your CAD drawings to work specifically with the chosen method also results with a trial-and-error process.

    Accessible PCBA at a Low Volume

    For those with exotic manufacturing requirements, our engineering team is ready to utilize specialty manufacturing methods both in the realms of mechanical and electronic parts. Access to a large variety of 3D Printing methods, along with specialty components sourcing and PCB manufacturing are just a few clicks away!

    before-cad after-3d-printed-object

    Prototype with Ease

    Design to Prototype Acceleration

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    See How It Works:

    • 1Fill up NexPCB's RFQ form and submit engineering files*
    • 2Receive a free technical review of your design along with a quotation and a development timeline
    • 3We ship your turnkey prototypes in 3.5 weeks

    *All your files are Protected under a US NDA ✓