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Our professional engineering team can support you from PCB layout all the way through to full functional testing of a final product. Just leave the hardware work to us and you can focus on your software, marketing, and building your customer base.

Services Offered

  • PCB Layout Services
  • PCB Fabrication
  • PCBA and high-precision SMT
  • PCBA Turnkey with full kitted assembly
  • Functional and Performance Testing
  • Electronics DFM with supply chain performance discovery
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Mechanicals service

Mechanical Parts Production

The trends of the industry are more and more demanding of integration between all of the various parts of a product, so the ME parts play a crucial role in delivering the right experience to customers. We have successfully helped many customers to optimize the design of mechanical parts, thus enabling them to bring IoT products to life through our one-stop service.

Services Offered

  • 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping
  • Design consulting 
  • Injection Molding (soft and hard molds)
  • Overmolding and complex geometries
  • Metal parts (CNC and molded)
  • Screws, fasteners, fittings, collars and other custom or commodity hardware
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Turnkey Assembly

Turnkey Assembly

NexPCB can manage all of your full turnkey production needs. We have full capabilities for injection molded plastics, CNC materials, hardware, fittings, full assembly, testing, retail packaging, and supply chain management. Our high-standard QC system and qualified testing devices can make sure every product shipped is satisfying to our customers.

Quality Control and Testing

Quality Control & Testing

Our high-standard QC system and qualified testing devices can make sure every product shipped are satisfying to our customers.

Services Offered

  • IQC
  • IPQC
  • OQC
  • Visual Inspection
  • Functional Testing


  • Package Consulting

    Package Consulting

    We offer design blueprints according to our customers’ requirements and give professional suggestion on customized sizes, shapes, and available materials.

  • Package design

    Package design

    We design a suitable package to match every detail that customers request including colors, materials, sizes, and shapes to make reasonable use of space with a beautiful appearance. 

  • Package Solution

    Package Solution

    We design and print labels and instructions, using high-quality processes, customized package production manufacturing, and careful assembly with standard IQC & OQC systems.