Success Stories

Success Stories

Dedicated to the Success of Our Customers

Our business is dedicated to the success of our customers. We are always channeling effort in bringing startups to success and mature companies to the next level. Here are some of our past project experiences with our customers.



"NexPCB do their job great. They take into account a lot of details to give me a perfect result, and in most cases helps me to avoid problems which I was not able even to predict. Reliable, predictable and comfortable partner!"

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Embedded Artists

Embedded Artists

"We have a very professional and trustworthy partner in NexPCB. Their excellent work is part of our success. We highly recommend NexPCB."

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"It started as a small idea that I came up with as a homebrewer and two good friends helped engineer and market. When we finally decided to make our own assembled PCB and turnkey product, we found NexPCB able to deliver everything we needed. Great customer service, product quality, and DFM feedback have helped turn our idea into a commercially viable product."

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