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20 Most Common Quality Issues in Your Plastic Production (How to Solve Them!)


Useful For:

Product Engineers

Design Better Products and Molds

QA Engineers

Figure Out Your Plastic FMEA's

Procurement Managers

Test and Qualify Samples from Different Manufacturers

Hardware Startup Owners

Get Manufacturing Right on a Small Team

NexPCB reveals 20 common problems all companies face in their plastic manufacturing in this 67-page FREE EBOOK. This resource will solve problems you face with:

✗ Bad Process Management (Shorts Shots, Sink Marks...)
✗ Faulty Molds (Gate Blush, Drag Marks...)
✗ Unsuitable Materials (Black Specs, Color Streaks...)
✓ Pre-manufacturing checklist

✓ Manufacturing in 2021 and Beyond

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