7 Hardware Accelerators to Join in 2023

As a startup, being in an accelerator can help you boost your business. An accelerator is a program that assists startups to grow and scale quickly. The program is usually conducted by a mentor whose task is to guide these new startups to escalate their product and business. Besides getting guidance, startups may also gain valuable networks and funding through accelerators.



It has been 3 years since the COVID-19 pandemic first started. Since then, various industries have started to work remotely and hold events virtually. This year, many new and old programs have finally got back to normal and hold offline events -- which gives startups more chances to get their hands-on experiences and network.  
We'll be updating this list regularly throughout this year. Please let us know if you have any additions to the list. Until then, here are the 7 hardware accelerators that you can join in 2023.





Techstars is a well-known accelerator established in 2006. They have funded over 3,100 companies worth more than $23.7B.
Techstars, in partnership with Build in Tulsa, encourages the Black community to scale up their business. The industries involved range from Digital, Health, Social Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Environmental Tech, E-commerce, Travel, and Property Technology.
One of its alumni is CASSIE. CASSIE is an IoT (Internet of Things) system and hardware for air quality monitoring and disinfection.

2. HAX

HAX, funded by SOSV, is the country's most renowned Hardware Accelerator. They currently funded over 250 startups, including Formlabs, Somatic, and Green Li-Ion.


THRIVE focuses on providing integrated modern solutions for the global Food and Agriculture industry. The program has been held 100% virtually in the last 2 years, but are starting to have some hybrid events this year. The program is funded by SVG Ventures, which also holds numerous challenges around the world.
Some of its alumni are Acuity Agriculture and famx, which are sensor-based Agritech companies.
Like its name, the MedTech Innovator focuses on developing modern hardware solutions for the medical industry. The program selects 50 of the best startups to compete, before having the top ones present in Anaheim this upcoming October.
CRL is a hardware-focused accelerator program based in London, UK. The 3-month program supports startup growth from customer exploration to product development and commercial strategy. 25 startups will first enter the BootCamp before being cut off into 6-8 for the Demo Day.
Their alumni came from different backgrounds, including Aceleron Energy, which works in the sustainable energy industry.
BuildIt Accelerator accelerates startups in the IoT and hardware verticals for 14+ batches. They have just closed their registration by the end of December last year. A short interview will come afterward before dividing the startups further into 3 groups: BuildIn, BuildIt, and BuildOut
One of its alumni, Monatek, launches a software and hardware-based Energy tracker for real estate and factories.
Based in Colorado, the BoomTown accelerator have several focuses in its programs. This ranges from SportsTech to HealthTech, to Hardware and Connectivity. EXG Wear, one of its alumni, enters the Hardware and Connectivity innovation center to launch its AI-enabled earbuds.
The BoomTown accelerator also provides its own Innovation Center where founders can rapid prototype their own products

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