Electronics Manufacturing

Driven by a throughout DFM process and testing at every step. Up to 40 layers. Along with standard PCBs, we provide HDI, Rigid-Flex and fine-pitch BGA boards at the highest quality standards.


PCB Fabrication

Set your PCB manufacturing apart with our extensive Quality Control. Comes with design support based on your schematics.


PCB Assembly

Fast speed assembly with some of the highest yields in the industry. Either program your boards on your own, or let us do it for you.

Specialty Boards

Working with us isn't rocket science, but your project may be. We support high layer counts and Rigid-Flex, fine-pitch BGA and HDI PCBs.

PCB Fabrication

We provide PCB manufacturing at the highest quality regardless of order quantities. All of our factories are vetted periodically, and will follow our general production specifications.

Layer Count 2-40
Dimensions 61cm x 110cm
Board Thickness 0.2 ~ 8.0mm (±10%)
Copper Weight 0.5 ~ 13 oz (±0.25 oz)
Min Trace/Space 3 mil
Min Drill hole diameter 6 mil

Controlled Impedance, Blind & Buried Vias

Surface Finish: Immersion Silver/Gold Hard Gold,Pb-free, HASL, OSP, Gold Finger

3+n+3 HDI countersink

RoHS, IPC-A-600F, ISO9001

Design Support

Layout Design Assist

DFX Philosophy

Intelligent BOM Optimization

Components Sourcing

Rigid-Flex PCB

  • 1 to 10 layers
  • 200mm x 800mm(7.87 x 31.5") Max Board Dimensions
  • 0.08 ~ 1.0mm Thickness (±10%)
  • 1/20 ~ 30Z Copper Thickness
  • 0.15-6.4mm Hole size 
  • 2+n+2 HDI countersink
  • 0.15mm min. ring size
  • 0.075/0.075mm min. line width/space
  • ROHS, IPC-A-600F, ISO9001

PCB Assembly

We will first conduct a technical review with you to confirm the selection of materials and design, so that you will face no surprises in terms of manufacturability. We also provide Bill of Materials consulting to help you realize better COGS and ensure parts availability.


RoHS, IPC-610G Class II, ISO9001

Lead-free Chip Carriers/SCP

Visual Inspection & X-ray Inspection

Automatic Optical Inspection and Functional Testing

Acceptable Parts Reels, Cut Tape, Tube, Loose Parts
Assembly Types Single/Double-sided SMT, automated SMT-THD mix
Pitch Up to 8 mil
BGA Ball Size & Pitch 0.3mm/0.4mm

Testing and Debugging

We test each function of the product according to the customer requirements and provide a test report.

Services such as power-on testing and aging can be provided according to customer needs to improve product reliability.

If you face any problems with your products within the warranty period, we can provide free-of-charge repairs. 


Beyond the Circuit Board

No more trying your luck with mix & match solutions between PCB manufacturers and plastics factories. Take advantage of NexPCB's one-stop Mechanical Parts Manufacturing Services. 

Manufacture Mechanical Parts


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