Electronics Engineering Capabilities

NexPCB can interface with your team at any given point between layout design, all the way up to QC and functional testing. Hand in your project requirements, and leave the rest to us. Read more below how we deliver multilayer, rigid-flex, high density boards with complex structures.

It All Starts with DFM

Our proven Design-for-Manufacturing methodology helps avoid many setbacks regarding quality and scalability down the line. Our skilled electronics engineers not only find genuine ways to increase production yield for complex board designs, but also keep cost-reduction in the forefront of their DFM optimization. With NexPCB, uncontrolled impedance, solder bridges, unfit PCB surface treatments are a thing of the past!


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PCB Layout Consulting

We have the know-how to efficiently design your PCB layout thanks to our qualified electronics engineers using the most up-to-date PCB design software, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on layout-related issues.

Our layout consulting allows you to receive end-product ready boards rapidly. We also help lift the burden of repetitive R&D tasks on your team, so that you can focus on coming up with unique solutions while we carefully manage how to best deliver them within target time. 

Our design process is rigorous and we start developing project specifications in line with the tolerance requirements of most advanced PCB factories and PCBA's at different order quantities.

  • Board layout from a Schematic diagram
  • Controlled impedance design
  • Assembly drawing, fabrication drawing
  • Multi-layer boards, split ground planes
  • Differential pairs, high-speed rules
  • Design-for-Testing audit, test point placement, test probe clearance
  • Per customer rules, testability report
  • Layout for RF designs
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PCB Fabrication

We provide PCB manufacturing at the highest quality regardless of order quantities. All of our factories are vetted periodically, and will follow our general production specifications, which are listed below:

PCB Fabrication
  • 2 to 40 layers
  • 61cm x 110cm Max Board Dimensions
  • 0.2 ~ 8.0mm Thickness (±10%)
  • 0.5 ~ 13 OZ Copper Weight (±0.25 oz)
  • Min Trace/Space 3 mil & Min Drill hole diameter 6 mil
  • Controlled Impedance & Blind & Buried Vias
  • Immersion Silver/Gold Hard Gold,Pb-free, HASL, OSP, Gold Finger etc.
  • RoHS, IPC-A-600F, ISO9001
  • Rigid-Flex, FPC, HDI

Whether the design is simple or complex, NexPCB's Printed Circuit Board Fabrication service is ready to meet your requirements.

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Rigid-Flex PCB Fabrication

Although they come at a higher cost compared to standard PCBs, rigid-flex boards can provide great functional and structural improvements especially in aerospace and medical industries. Moreover, if your product requires lots of bending and flexing (ie., a smartwatch), our reinforced rigid-flex boards will provide superb durability.

  • 1 to 10 layers
  • 200mm x 800mm(7.87 x 31.5") Max Board Dimensions
  • 0.08 ~ 1.0mm Thickness (±10%)
  • 1/20 ~ 30Z Copper Thickness
  • 0.15-6.4mm Hole size 
  • 2+n+2 HDI countersink
  • 0.15mm min. ring size
  • 0.075/0.075mm min. line width/space
  • ROHS, IPC-A-600F, ISO9001

PCB Assembly

Most of our clients enjoy cheaper, faster-to-procure and simpler Bill of Materials for their non-critical components. That's simply because our Supply Chain Management experts are closely up-to-date with what's happening in the industry. 

We will first conduct a technical review with our customers to confirm the selection of materials and design so that you will face no surprises in terms of availability. For materials that cannot or are difficult to purchase, we will give you advice on the use of alternative materials to ensure a smooth progress of production.


1112-3 (1)
  • Reels, Cut tape, Tube, Loose parts
  • Fine Pitch to 8mil
  • BGA 0.3mm ball size, 0.4mm ball pitch
  • Single or double-sided SMT, SMT-THD-Mixed
  • Lead-free Chip Carriers/SCP
  • Visual Inspection & X-ray Inspection
  • Automatic Optical Inspection and Functional Testing
  • RoHS, IPC-610G Class II, ISO9001

We offer turnkey (just send us the Gerber and BOM files), consignment (you supply all parts), or a mix of both to allow both speed and customization at the same time. 

Test and Debugging

We test each function of the product according to the customer requirements and provide a test report.

Services such as power-on testing and aging can be provided according to customer needs to improve product reliability.

If you face any problems with your products within the warranty period, we can provide a factory repair process.



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Our Mechanical Engineering Capabilities

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