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Guide to LoRaWAN: All You Need to Know Before Deploying Your IoT Product


Useful For:

Product Engineers

Design products from network structure to choice of components

Software Engineers

Assign proper security and communication protocols for data transmission

Procurement Managers

Identify required components and other qualifications

Hardware Startup Entrepreneurs

Deploy your new and existing project with LoRaWAN or other wireless network systems

Want to know how you can launch a LoRaWAN device from scratch?

NexPCB put together 40 pages of content in this FREE EBOOK to get you started in building your first LoRaWAN solution, be it in smart agriculture, smart buildings, or anything else! 

  • LoRaWAN in smart IoT applications
  • Scalable LoRaWAN Enterprise Networks
  • LoRaWAN vs. other wireless data transmission technologies
  • Data packets and device classes
  • Spread Spectrum Modulation
  • Channel Bandwidth selection based on different countries and regions
  • Communication Frequencies

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