Computer Numerical Control is a kind of manufacturing process which is carried out automatically by computer controlled machine tools. It uses digital design documents to guide machine tools to cut, carve or punch holes, and is widely used in the processing of materials such as metal, plastic and wood.


Smart Ring - Titanium Metal and CNC

This is the casing for a smart ring, manufactured using CNC technology and titanium metal (TC4). The material has properties such as biocompatibility, low signal shielding, and lightweight. The surface treatments include polishing, sandblasting, polishing + black PVD coating, sandblasting + black PVD coating, and polishing + gold PVD coating. PVD coatings provide strong hardness and scratch resistance.

Material Ti-TC4
Process CNC
Finish PVD
Precision ±0.1 mm
Lead Time 17 - 25 working days
Yield 90% (measured on 100 pcs)
MOQ 1 pcs


alumium-amp-accessories handheld-aliumium-case surveypool-handheld-aluminum

Aluminum Metal Cases

This is the casing for a communication instrument, manufactured using CNC technology and aluminum metal. The material is lightweight and has high thermal conductivity. The surface treatment is silver anodizing.

Material Aluminum
Process CNC
Finish Anodizing
Precision ±0.1 mm
MOQ 1 pcs

Note: Anodizing process can only be applied to the appearance color effect in aluminum CNC processing. The color effect cannot be achieved in aluminum die-casting parts.

pmma-bamboo-photo-case pmma-photo-case

PMMA + Bamboo

Material PMMA + Bamboo
Process CNC
Finish Surface Hardening
Precision ±0.1 mm
Lead Time 500 pcs every 25 - 30 working days
Yield 70% (measured on 2000 pcs)

Note: Bamboo and wood products require a fumigation certificate for export trade to prevent biological infestation.