Double-shot Injection Molding

Double-shot injection molding is a manufacturing process that injects two different colors or materials of plastic into the same mold, achieving a part with two different colors or properties on its surface. This process is commonly used for producing parts with multiple colors, logos, and products with multi-material structures.


Waterproof Buttons

This is a waterproof button and waterproof interface on an outdoor instrument, manufactured using Double-shot injection molding technology with PC+TPU materials. The surface texture is created through a texturing process in the mold, and the light guide post position employs a dispensing process.
Material PC+TPU
Process Double-shot Injection Molding
Color Black
Finish Mold Texturing
Precision ±0.05 mm
Mold Lead Time 45 calendar days
Production Lead Time 500 pcs every 10-15 working days
Yield 95% (measured on 500 pcs)

Note: During the sample phase, the glue at the light guide post position showed concave marks after solidification and yellowing over time. If your product experiences the same issue, please check whether it affects functional integrity and communicate the need for anti-oxidation measures with your supplier.


Vehicle Dashboard Panel

This is a part of a car dashboard, made using double-shot injection molding technology to combine two different colored materials into one piece. The outer surface is coated with two layers of paint, white and black, and laser engraving technology is used to create the required icons. When the internal light shines through, the corresponding icons are very clear, with no light leakage.