Magnesium Alloy Die-casting

Magnesium alloy die casting is a manufacturing process where molten magnesium alloy is injected into a mold to form parts under high pressure. This process is commonly used to produce lightweight, high-strength components, such as automotive parts and electronic device casings.


Magnesium Alloy Die-casting Part

This is an outdoor instrument produced using magnesium alloy die-casting technology. The product cannot be used directly after forming; it requires CNC machining for assembly dimensions, holes, threads, and some detailed parts with special requirements. The outer surface is coated with a special spray paint that presents a textured effect, which is more wear-resistant than ordinary paint during actual user use.

Material Magnesium Alloy
Process Die-casting
Color Gray
Finish Special painting
Precision ±0.05 mm
Mold Lead Time 35 calendar days
Prototype Lead Time 10-15 working days
Yield 90% (measured on 20 pcs)
Prototype Qty ≤ 20 pcs
Volume Production MOQ ≥ 1000 pcs

Note: When considering the use of magnesium alloy in your product, please ensure that the wall thickness is not less than 1.5mm and avoid incorporating right angles in the design. Right angles are prone to cracking during metal cooling.