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  • What's the lead-time and price of the layout design?
    Normally, it takes 7 working days to finish the standard layout design after your SCH File is technically confirmed.
    The price and lead-time will however depend on the details of your SCH File. The choice of online package will surely save time and money, or vice versa.
  • What can we get when you finish the layout design?
    The final file list will include:
      PCB initial file(*PCB163.ZIP)
      Gerber file(*CAM.ZIP)
      Stencil file(*SMD.ZIP)
      Assemble file(*ASM.ZIP)
      Structure file(*DXF.ZIP)
    We may further offer equal length file and single net file if the boards contain MCU SDRAM or the like.
  • Do you offer Expedited Service for Urgent Needs?
    We do offer Expedited Service at extra cost if our capacity allows.
    Normally, it will take 7 working days to finish the prototype of common PCBs and 9 working days for that of professional PCBs.
    Cost will increase by the days ahead of normal schedule as followed:
    Days Ahead Cost increased
    1 30%
    2 50%
    3 100%
  • Do you test the boards before delivery?
    We do visual inspection of all boards before they leave our facility. Functional testing can be performed at an additional cost. Please ask about this service when you request a quote.
  • How much will the test cost?
    As you know, test before delivery is a value-added service. We will charge separately in accordance with the time spent on.
  • What's your fail rate in volume production?
    For 5k~10k pcs production, the highest yield rate is 99.5%, which means the fail rate could be down to 0.5%. Of course, sufficient and timely communication will be indepensable for a quality-and-volume assured result.
  • Do you have quality management system at any of your facilities? Are you ISO9001 certificated?
    Yes, we are ISO9001 certificated. We also support ROHS, IPC-601E for PCBA, and IPC-A600F for PCB.
    A refined process is the best way for quality control. We have established specified processes for different stages upon years of experience.