San Diego's 1st Hardware Meetup (Sponsored by NexPCB)

After 3 years of the pandemic, the borders of international travel have finally relaxed. Our team from NexPCB visited the US last February and May, establishing more cooperation with various organizations from the East Coast to the West Coast.



Last March, NexPCB sponsored the First San Diego Hardware Meetup which Nate Padget organized. The event took place in La Divina, San Diego, CA from 18.00-21.00. San Diego’s First Hardware Startup was packed with various individuals, organizations, and startups across the hardware industry.


Our co-founder, Li Zhang, represented NexPCB and gave a brief talk at the event. Li Zhang shared his experience in the hardware industry, introducing NexPCB as a hardware innovation ecosystem enabler, that assists businesses in growing to be market leaders.

One of our customers, whom we met at our New York Hardware Startup event, started prototyping PCBs with us. Now, they have been successfully acquired by a leading global company.


Throughout the journey, we shifted our focus from design optimization to quality control to product lifecycle management.

As a partner for hardware startups, NexPCB doesn't only provide our manufacturing service; we also optimize our customers' product development, launch, and growth at different stages.

Through our global supply chain, NexPCB provides a wide range of manufacturing services and component sourcing, co-piloted by our teams in China, the US, and Malaysia.


Whether you're:

  • A hardware startup looking for some manufacturing service
  • A design firm seeking manufacturing expertise
  • Prototyping companies in need of high-volume MP capability
  • Talents to join our team

We'd love to get to know you and explore more collaboration opportunities together.

The NexPCB team will be traveling across countries to establish cooperative relationships across different verticals. Reach out to us, and let’s explore the opportunities to come.

We’d love to hear your ideas, and aspirations, and help you reach your goal. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you at our next events!

Posted by Nadya Lukman

Nadya Lukman

Nadya is a Mechatronics Engineer who had worked on several different projects including PCU design, engine design, and AI image processing systems. Besides having a little bit of caffeine addiction, she enjoys reading and traveling to new places.