The hardware incubators/accelerators list

Definitely, finding an appropriate incubator/accelerator can drive innovation over time, keeping the startups one step ahead of the competition, especially for those hardware ones, which are so costly and time consuming at the early stage.

Here we made a list of incubators/accelerators based on the following three common points. First, they are all driven by heavy mentorship. Second,the startups can get cash investment into their business from these incubators/accelerators. Last but not least, they all have hardware as a stated focus(though in this list YC, Techstars and 500startups don't just focus on hardware, they are able to provide good help for hardware startups).

Also among this list, you will find the biggest investment you may get is from HaxAsia or Bolt, which is up to $500,000; the longest program duration is from the Lemnoslabs and Bolt, lasting for 6-15 months. And the most prolific hardware accelerator should be the Haxlr8r, with more than 50 hardware companies launched in the past 2.5 years. Hope you find the right one to be your roadmap.

By the way, this list will be updated in time, If you have any additions to the list, please let us know.


1. The R/GA Accelerator
Founded in 2013, it is located in New York city with a three-month, immersive ,mentor-driven program. Each company will get $20000,and have the option to accept a $100,000 convertible. Startups also will get the deep experience and acumen of R/GA joined with the seed funding and operating experience of Techstars. Its alumni include Hammerhead\Keen Home\Kinetic.
2. Zahn Innovation Center
Founded in 2012, it is a design-driven and people-centered incubator and has two locations at the heart of the City College of New York. Training, mentorship, prototyping facilities and other resources here will be offered to enable startups to transform their technology or ideas for social change into a sustainable venture. For CCNY students, it provides opportunities for a limited number of placements, including a $3,000 stipend for the semester. What's more, these students may get opportunities for a limited number of placements, including a $3,000 stipend for the semester here. One of its directors is Lindsay Siegel and its alumni include VivoZ Biolabs LLC.
3. Highway1
Highway1 is founded in 2013 in San Francisco, as part of PCH, a global supply chain company. It is a 4 Month Program, offering investment up to $100,000 per team for 8% equity or $50,000 per team for 5%.The incubator will be focused on educating startups about supply chain, inventory management, and actual manufacturing. its alumni inculde Flic /Switch Embassy.
4. Lemnoslabs
This incubator is founded by two ex-MIT grads, Helen Zelman and Jeremy Conrad in 2011 in San Francisco. It invests up to $250K ($100K for 10% is typical) and provides intensive, hands-on time with the Lemnos Labs partners, mentors, and thriving alumni community for early-stage. Notice that it only invests in 8-12 startups per year. And each one will spend six to fifteen months at Lemnos in a rigorous program that builds the engineering, logistics, marketing, and go-to-market expertise. It specifically focuses on aerospace, robotics, transportation, agriculture and IoT. And its alumni include 6SensorLabs.
Founded by Cyril Ebersweiler, this incubator provides with seed capital $25,000 per company for 6%, $100,000 for 9%, up to $200,000 extra in matching funds. Selected teams relocate to offices in Shenzhen, China for 111 days.The final 2 weeks will be spent in San Francisco, refining its pitch, preparing for demo day showcase and launch event. HAXLR8R selects startups to work with twice a year. The program first started in 2012 and is widely recognized as the start of the new hardware revolution – since its inception, HAXLR8R has graduated over 50 companies with combined revenues and investments in the tens of millions of dollars. Its alumni include Bilibot.
6. Bolt
Founded in 2012 by Axel Bichara, Scott N.Miller, and Ben Einstein in Boston, Bolt is back by Autodesk, Logitech, Grishin Robotics, and Cisco Investments, and is also the partner of Dragon Innovation. It tends to invest a little bit later than the other accelerators but offers more funding of up to $500k. Program is also longer than others with 6 months duration. What is notable is really its expertise in engineering, which seems almost unmatched by the other accelerators. They only back a few companies each year, and its alumni include Petnet.
7. Alphalabgear
Founded in 2013 by Ilana Diamond and Josh McElhattan in Pittsburgh, it offers investment $25K or $50K in exchange for 5% or 9% common stock equity. Here the startups will benefit from the guidance of entrepreneurs, technologists and investors, and besides the extensive network of mentors, it has day-to-day leadership team. Each startup receives a private office and access to collaborative working spaces, workshop space, conference rooms and a full kitchen in its 10,000 square foot facility. Startups with a robotics focus will receive additional support from Startbot, an investment firm specialzing in early-stage robotics companies. Its alumni include Digital Dream Labs.
8. Techstars
Founded in 2006 by David Cohen and his partners, TechStars is one of the country's most prestigious incubators. Its four locations in Boston, Boulder, New York City, and Seattle, host 10 teams for three months of the year on rotation, funding each team member between $6,000 and $18,000. More than 600 teams applied last year, making TechStars one of the country's most competitive incubators. TechStars focuses on technology companies with transnational appeal, and requires a 6 percent equity stake in any new companies that are funded. Each program ends with a pitch event with venture capitalists and other investors. Its alumni include Realty Mogul.
9. 500startups
Founded in 2010 by Dave McClure and his partners, it is a Silicon Valley venture capital seed fund & startup accelerator and has $200M under management. This accelerator has invested in over 1,300 companies in more than 50 countries all over the world. The team and mentors have had operational experience at companies such as: PayPal, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Microsoft, eBay, LinkedIn, Twitter, Apple & Facebook. Its program is usually 4 months in Mountain View and San Francisco. The alumni include ONLINETYARI.
10. Next top makers
Founded in 2014 in New York, it is a community-sourced incubator dedicated to connecting independent innovation with local productiong. This incubator will select Six NYC-based product entrepreneurs to receive support through a seven-month Studio Incubation, which includes access to a dedicated mentor, content experts to complete their own Product Startup plan, work space and equipment to prototype, and cash to grow their business.
11. Startengine
Founded in 2014 by Howard Marks in Santa Monica, Start Engine is a upcoming equity crowdfunding platform and LA's largest rapid tech accelerator. Its alumni include Carbon38.
12. Make in LA
Founded in 2015 by Shaun Arora in Los Angeles, this incubator is dedicated to bringing hardware companies to market. Its background ranges from seed-stage businesses to public companies. With the backing of NEO Tech, it is able to apply professional manufacturing tools and other resources directly into programs and start-ups to maximize the odds of success. Entrepreneurs and their business models are stress tested through a 4-month immersive crash- course to get to market. The resources include access to production level and prototype level equipment, office space, warehouse and logistics, seasoned mentors from the hardware space, ancillary business partners, and good coffee. And checks up to $150,000 in the first year.
13. Y-Combinator
Founded in 2005 by Paul Graham and his partners in Mountain View, CA, YC is one of the lagest incubators and most prestigious incubators in SF. Actually it is not really known as hardware accelerator, but they do have a dedicated hardware person Luke Iseman, hardware facilities, and a partnership with Bolt. A number of YC Partners also have a hardware background. Definitely weaker on the DFM side however. It invests a small amount of money($120K) in a large number of startups with 3-month program twice a year. Another appealing point is that YC doesn't end on Demo Day. YC and the YC alumni network continue to help startups for the life of their company, and beyond. Its alumni include Pebble.


1. Kich2real
Founded in 2014 in Hangzhou,China, Kich2real is created by Foxconn, and gets local government allowance, which is up to 5 million.
2. NEST VC / Infiniti
Founded in 2014 in Hongkong, China, it is a 12-week programme run by a full-time, dedicated team, and driven by Nest. Up to 8 startups will be selected to come to Hong Kong to accelerate their Smart Cities / Internet of Things (IoT) businesses. Successful applicants will receive mentorship, workspace and more.
3. Brinc IoT
Founded in 2014 by Manav Gupta in Hongkong, China , Brinc is an investment fund and acceleration platform built specifically to support a new generation of IoT entrepreneurship. It is based in Hong Kong with offices in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, offering help through business development, consumer validation, manufacturing support and distribution.
4. Industrio
Founded in 2013 by Jari Ognibeni in Trento, Italy, Industrio Offers investment, a seed fund up to €125K. 5 months prototype-to-product program will be held twice a year, with professional prototyping development resources and strong manufacturing support. Its alumni include Brainsomeness.
5. Revvx
Founded in 2015 in Bangalore, India, Revvx is scaling from prototype to distribution. It partners with Design Labs in US, Europe and Asia; has PCB Manufacturing Fab Labs in India,China and Taiwan help build the Prototypes; owns offices in Shenzhen and Taipei to facilitate the Component Sourcing, Manufacture, Assembly, Testing, Packaging and Logistics. It also helps startups raise capital, and instead, it shall take minor equity in the company as part of the Accelerator Program, and equities vary based on the stage of the company.
6. HaxAsia
Founded in 2015, HaxAsia invests up to $500,000 in teams only that would decide to reside in Singapore and have achieved all the accelerator's milestones. your global hardware business will be made via 6-month program around the world: Singapore - San Francisco - Beijing. Its alumni include Surfancy.
7. SparkLabs
Founded in 2012 by Jimmy Kim in Seoul, Korea, SparkLabs is a global accelerator providing investment solutions and mentoring for startups who wish to expand to the global marketplace. The company offers its services to entrepreneurs who are looking to expand their business ventures into foreign countries such as USA, China, and Japan. It offers training programs, investment facilities, mentoring programs, and office space solutions to early-stage startup companies.
8. Makers Boot Camp
Founded in 2015 by Kenshin Fujiwara and his partners in Kyoto Japan, Makers Boot Camp is an acceleration program focused on hardware development for mass manufacturing. The four-month program takes place in Kyoto Japan. Makers Boot Camp is partnered with Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of Kyoto (ASTEM), Kyoto Shisaku Net, and Kyoto Institute of Technology.
9. Innospace
Founded in 2015 in Shanghai China, Innospace is backed by Shanghai YangPu Knowledge and Innovation Community. It offers up to RMB500,000 for seed-stage startups, with a 16-week program that includes mentoring, officespace and more.


1. Hardware club
Founded in 2014 by Alexis HOUSSOU, it offers investment at seed stage. All its members benefit from free access to a dedicated set of resources: strategic partnerships with top-tier manufacturers, distributors and service providers, private events worldwide and an online platform to connect with a community of more than 150 hardware founders. Its alumni include Keecker.
Founded in 2013 by Yatan Blumenthal, Jeff Katz and Aydogan Ail Schosswald in Berlin, Germany, this accelerator provides assistance to startups that are making physical products by offering mentorship, office space and more. The accelerator program is 14 days, and during the program, selected startups can expect one-on-one interaction with more than 40 mentors and professionals including investors, lawyers, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, developers, product managers and many more. They try to offer as much networking,expertise and workshopping into the two weeks as possible. Its alumni include Pockethernet .
3. CIID Nest
Founded in 2006 by Simona Maschi in København,Danmark, it is a design-driven incubator. The Nest operates in three phases, separated by mandatory milestones unlocking further support and funding.Startups may join at any phase and stay for a duration of 4 - 12 months. Its alumni include Fitbird.
4. Startupbootcamp
Founded in 2010 by Markus Gnirck in London, UK, this accelerator will select 10 teams from hundreds of applicants to join a 3-month acceleration program, offering €15K in cash per team (pizza money) and €450K+ in partner services. Each team here will get extensive mentorship, free office space,Invitation to SBC global alumni network and growth program, and more.Its alumni include 1 SDK.

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