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Our circuit board assembly services utilize our own PCB manufacturing facility, electronic components procurement team, and a PCB assembly house in China. All the facilities are ISO9001 certified. You can confidently rely on us to handle all aspects of your printed circuit projects.

By working with us; you can focus on your core business activities such as research, development, sales, and marketing while we take care of your layout, fabrication, assembly and parts sourcing.

Therefore, allow our team of professionals to help you manage your next project from start to finish. They will also take care of any aspect of your manufacturing process that will enable your business to gain a competitive advantage.

PCB Expedited Service

PCB Expedited Service shall depend on the fabrication capacity and your product complexity.
So please raise a quotation with gerber files to .

Expedited Working Days Increased Cost
Number of layers 1, 2, 4 or 6, up to 40 layers
1 30%
2 50%
3 100%

Starting A New Project

It is very important to focus on the functionalities, select right controllers and components for your design. We can help you to layout your design and optimize your BOM.

Low Complexity: 598 USD
2 Layers, 300 Pins, 7 Working Days
Medium Complexity: 1,259 USD
4 Layers, 1000 Pins, 7 Working Days
High Complexity:1,780 USD
6 Layers, 1500 Pins, 7 Working Days


PCB/PCBA Manufacturing

Pilot, Prototype, Low-volume, and Massive production. NO MOQ required.

Supreme Quality Control

FULL inspection before shipping plus customized functional testing upon request. 99.5% yield rate for 5~10K pcs batch volume.

EMS Supply Chain Management

Best suitable suppliers and manufacturers that best meet your needs. We manage over 210 Suppliers, 6 SMT Manufacturers, 4 PCB Manufacturers and more.

On-line Order Made Easy

From prototyping PCBs to turn-key PCBA, NexPCB's online shop turns complex production into a few simple clicks.

Featured Work Order System

Our featured online WO System keeps track and makes visible of every single step from placing order to shipping. Try the WO demo!

ALWAYS On-Time Delivery Guaranteed !