Feb 20, 2020 11:48:07 AM

Dear our beloved customers, partners and friends in the industry,

After an unexpectedly long break from doing what we love due to the coronavirus, we are excited to announce that, after taking the strictest health precautions in our working environment, we have been granted the permission by the Chinese government to resume work. This means that, as of February 19 all our business functions are back online. This includes production as well. 

Each year, after the Chinese New Year, factories gradually increase their production levels back to normal. Given the circumstances this year, it is expected that this gradual increase will take longer. However, the local authorities in the locations where our production takes place have been extremely careful during and after the lockdown period, we are seeing that the newest policies are getting things back on track. These policies first and foremost concern the restoration of public health safety, and then resume manufacturing and logistics operations at full capacity. Our production facilities all fall outside the epicenter of the virus outbreak, and thus, have been spared from harm to their personnel. All current purchasing offers are being processed and getting ready for production.

Very few countries in the world have the societal mobilization power that China has. In a matter of few days, entire cities were put under lock-down, high population density areas were separated from each other to stop the spread of the virus and volunteers and social workers alike have sanitized every corner of their neighborhoods. This is all thanks to the spirit of cooperation and hard work of the people, amidst one of the most difficult epidemics in modern history. We believe that this sense of duty will continue to prevail in the hearts and minds of the Chinese people, and 2019-nCoV will be defeated completely across the country! We will continue to update you with the newest developments as we get our community back on its feet. Until then, keep your mask on and stay safe!