Dear our beloved customers, partners and friends in the industry,

Since our production got back to normal in February, we have seen unprecedented events happening in the West due to COVID-19. Our team is here to support you during this time to fix your supply chain issues with manaufacturing. As of April, we have received many batch production requests and we were able to secure factory quotas for these customers, from as little as 20 bare PCB boards to a 6000 pieces turnkey project including both electronic and mechanical parts.

We hope that you will spend  this time in a forced sabbatical in productive ways. Our blog as lots of resources for both the starter and the seasoned engineers and makers out there. If you have a certain design question,  shoot an email to one of our experts and they will get right on it.


We have been in the same situation too, and came out even stronger. We were once again made to remember the importance of distributed supply chains, and working hard to further expand our overseas operations across the world, so that in future crisises we can continue to be the number one choice for our customers. Stay safe!



Posted by Orkun Z. Ozturk

Orkun Z. Ozturk

Orkun is the Marketing Manager at NexPCB. He's been living in China for almost 10 years. His passion lies in new and emerging technologies. You can contact him over LinkedIn for blog collaborations.